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I am in the semi finals in the Bands For Good Challenge!! This is a cause I am very passionate about. All donations and votes go toward the charity I am promoting "Little Kids Rock". Please take a minute to check out the link and vote/donate. 

Allison Gray has been selected to be a part of the

Supercuts Rock the Cut Artist Ambassador Program!

"Break Me" will be featured in a national radio campaign for Supercuts

and they are giving away a free MP3 on their website.  



"Her vocals are arresting and impeccably executed, full of fire and grace. With star power like hers, it's hard to believe she ever hung around behind the scenes. But Allison worked with big-name artists as a writer and session singer for several years before coming into her own as an artist. With a batch of amazing new studio recordings and a killer look, it is clear that the spotlight is where Allison Gray belongs."
-Women of Substance Radio

"Watch out Sara Bareilles and Tori Amos! There’s a new sexy piano diva on the rise, and her name is Allison Gray."

-The Best Music Now

"Allison Gray embodies the art of combining emotions with lyrics. Any true music lover can empathize with the story of her music. And her vocals….is icing on the cake!"

-BRASH! Music Blog

"With vocals that could melt the most snow-capped of mountains and enough songwriting sensibility to take on a lifetime of pupils, Allison is one of the HOTTEST up-and-coming artists we recommend watching."

-Women's Radio 

"Allison Gray is an exceptional artist with true talent and a wealth of potential. Watching her live is an experience - fun, beautiful, and personable - and her music is provoking and executed with the pleasant ease of a naturally gifted musician. As I've witnessed her career continue to develop, Allison continues to prove that she has the qualities needed to become a lasting musician in this tough industry."
-iMusic Daily

"Indie Singer/Songwriter Allison Gray is a superstar in the making. She sings and performs with such passion and heart that her music is a sure win."
-Junior's Cave Magazine

"Off My Mind is a hell of a way for Allison Gray’s musical career to start. This one is a stunner, and Gray is an artist you need to acquaint yourself with."
-Stereo Subversion

 "Hollowbody LA books and promotes artists and events all over Los Angeles. We've had the pleasure of working with Allison Gray a few special occasions over the past couple of years and always eagerly await word from her about the next opportunity to do so. She's a talented performer and a motivated, hard worker. We wish there were more like her on our roster".
 -Donovan Lyman
Director, Hollowbody LA

We live in an unprecedented era of music and musicians. Currently, it is not so common that an artist can enjoy a modest amount of commercial success, and still have such a genuine air of approachability. And yet, this could certainly be said of one of the best singer/songwriters we have come across lately. Allison Gray has enjoyed both the independent dream success of being widely viewed on her YouTube channel as well as having music featured in major television network programing (such as NBC, MTV and Lifetime). Her songs are consistently sweet and heartbreaking, masterfully arranged with a voice that cuts like a diamond stiletto heel.

- Michael Wheeler
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